About Josh

Josh began taking an interest in magic in 2011, after watching comedian and magician 'Jerry Sadowitz' perform at St Davids Hall in Cardiff.  Until this point he had little to no interest in magic and assumed that it was all was just an outlet for pseudo-messiahs such as David Blaine or David Copperfield. This idea was dispelled after watching a master like Jerry Sadowitz and ignited a fascination in Josh with both stand up comedy and close-up magic.

Shortly after this, Josh met an incredible magician and mentalist called 'Caspar Thomas'.  Caspar performed several tricks at a table which proceeded  to baffle and astound Josh, before graciously relenting and teaching him a single card trick called 'The Piano Trick'. 

After fastidiously practising this effect, Josh's appetite for knowledge in the art grew. He began to stalk Jerry Sadowitz who, being the incredibly kind hearted gentleman he is, took pity on Josh and soon took him under his wing. At this point Josh was flat broke so Jerry bought him a copy of 'The Royal Road to Card Magic' by Frederick Braue and Jean Hugard; Josh's study in card magic had begun. He had a long way to go before becoming a magician, but first he had to learn how to correctly hold and shuffle a pack of cards...


Having learnt that the only way to get better at magic was to perform on strangers Josh would often go out on a Friday & Saturday night with his rucksack to approach strangers in pubs and clubs to see if they would be willing to watch this nervous amateur make a fool of himself. Gradually this amateur got  slightly better and those strangers began asking for  a business card.

Before getting in over his head  and after performing some vanity googling Josh discovered his neighbour 'Carl John'  was also a magician  & so naturally unannounced he took it upon himself to call in on his neighbour. Despite never having previously met , Carl offered an unprecedented ammount of help, expertise and guidance not just with the performance but also the business side of Magic,  proving that  yes you can avoid getting a real job with magic. 

Josh quit his dead end job stacking shelves and despite being told by many that "You can't make a living with Cards" Or " That sort of stuff wont sell in London"  he has proceeded to do just that.